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Image by Johannes Plenio

ABOUT Coaching

What is coaching

Coaching is a journey of transformation. A lifelong journey of discovery, learning, and love.  Coaches are gatekeepers of this incredibly powerful evidence-based profession to unlock human potential.  Coaching is no ordinary, everyday conversation.  The relationship is empowered and sacred.  Certain qualities must be present such as speaking truth, taking risks, and committing to living fully.  Picture me as your personal sherpa helping you climb your mountain.  I will be your guide to live your best life yet.  


People are called to coaching for a variety of reasons.  They feel stuck.  They want change.  They want more fulfillment in their lives.  There is a longing that wants to emerge.  My goal as coach is to evoke that transformation and unleash that wholeness inside that is longing to find expression.  


As a coach, I take a stand for self-awareness, choice, empowerment, adventure, and action.  I’ll help you find your strengths and use them to achieve what you want in life.  To get really clear on your vision and what to do next.  To discover your dreams and keep you moving towards them.  


I do this by asking provocative questions, providing challenges, brainstorming possibilities, and holding accountability.  By creating a space where resonance and creativity can flourish.  By calling you forth from a deeper place of authenticity and empowering you to be driven by your vision with fierce commitment.  


You can expect me to hold a vision for you and be your champion.  I believe every situation and transition is an opportunity to transform.  I also believe you are already filled with strengths, talents, and gifts.  My role is to help you deepen your awareness, unlock your potential, and help you step into a larger version of yourself.  We are not solving problems, we are exploring possibilities.  And you have the power of choice.  


So how are you honoring your dreams? Celebrating the days you have?  Committing to making the best of them?  Is there a fire in your belly for one more big push in your career or big project.  Perhaps something smaller is calling to you like volunteering at the hospital, meditating more regularly, making peace with a relative, seeing the Grand Canyon, or learning to play piano.  Maybe what matters to you is not a specific thing but rather a way of being, such as becoming more carefree, self-accepting, loving, and playful. 

Are you ready to shake things up?  Is learning and growth a value of yours?  Are you willing to make the commitment to yourself to live fully?  Contact me if you want to play and live your best life yet. 

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