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Sat on the Rocks

Life Coaching

For individuals, you can expect us to do the following in our work together:

Values, Purpose, Strengths

  • Explore your values and set goals to bring those values to life

  • Clarify your life purpose and the impact you want to have in this world

  • Shine a light on your inner resources of strength, knowing, and appreciation

  • Slay the saboteurs affecting your confidence and motivation 

  • Embrace the wisdom and creativity of your sage

  • Step into the wonder and magic of who you are at your core

  • Discover who you are becoming and what is calling you into the future


Perspective, Choice Action

  • Examine the stories you are telling yourself and how you relate to experiences

  • Break stuckness by shaking up stories and playing with new perspectives

  • Empower you to make conscious choices on how you want your life to be

  • Create positive movement by taking life-affirming action and making commitments

  • Examine the doing and being aspects of moving into action for greater fulfillment

  • Widen the lens of your life by playing with metaviews, visualizations, and storytelling


Energy, Emotions, Empathy

  • Shift and release stuck energy to forward action and new possibilities

  • Be more in your life by staying present in the moment

  • Explore what might be possible by being with emotions

  • Expand emotional vocabulary to broaden range of feelings

  • Play with metaphor and embodiment to deepen experiences

  • Experience the wisdom of emotions and the fullness of life

  • Deepen empathy and explore how to improve relationship dynamics

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