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Arturo Vazquez, Engineering Manager at Stripe

Mickey's approach to coaching exceeded even my most optimistic expectations of what a great coach should be. He adapted to my style and genuinely took an interest in my holistic well-being. It was hard work with purpose and more importantly results. I made more progress on my career and personal life approach through less than a year of working with Mickey than in the previous 10 years of my life. I can, in all honesty, say that he changed my life.


Sarah Schaub, Senior Manager at Meru Health

I cannot recommend Mickey enough as a coach and mentor. Mickey is one of the most humble and powerful coaches and heart-led leaders with whom I've ever worked. Whether we are discussing topics around managing self-care, leading in complexity, facilitating conversations inclusive of difficult feedback, or leading change, he has a wealth of experience from which he pulls and shares. His work is like a steady and gentle but powerful ocean current; you don't realize how much movement has occurred until you take a moment to look up and see how far you've drifted towards your goals.


Pete Stroyan, Director at State Farm

Mickey’s passion around helping individuals reach their potential was extremely apparent within our first meeting. While he clearly has depth and breadth of knowledge, he has an ability to provide a safe inviting space to invoke deeper thinking and feelings. If you are open to exploring your possibilities both professionally and personally, I would highly recommend Mickey as a coach.


Andy Goldenson, 
Engineer at Google

Mickey brings a strong sense of calm and understanding when discussing the complex work environment. He is a listener who guides you through concepts to arrive at a game plan that is built together. He flips the script of stress and turns it into curiosity. In this way he has helped me to be more open and look at tackling challenges from different perspectives, boosting my creativity and strengthening my relationships. I highly recommend him.


Ellie Klum,

CEO at Klum House

Mickey is fantastic! I really had a lot of growth working with him & learned a ton. He was willing to go to those places that really pushed me to expand myself and helped me wrestle with complex things that ultimately led me to a deeper understanding of the hidden forces at play in my life, my mind, and my actions. I was able to break-through some blocks I had been working through for years. Totally recommend working with him! 


Kristen Johanson, 

Sales Director at Google

I just feel that my entire management chain needs a 1:1 with Mickey!  Mickey is a fantastic facilitator and storyteller.  He is clear, empathetic, energetic, thoughtful, caring, and inspiring. He has great expertise, experience, presence, and delivery.  I have learned so much from Mickey.  He has helped me reorient my work... doing the things only I can do!  

Client Testimonials


Archana Singh,

Account Manager at Google

Mickey has been coaching me for a few months now and it's truly been an enlightening experience. He is an attentive listener and has a knack for giving just the right advice. He guides you down your path by gently nudging you in the right direction. After only a few sessions with him, I was able to see significant changes in my attitude towards work. I have been able to apply these learnings to both my professional and personal life.


Olivia Vaughan-Griffith,

Account Executive at Google

I can highly recommend Mickey for his expertise in asking provocative questions to help develop further self-awareness.

He is a true change agent and has supported my career progression.  Mickey brings a holistic perspective and helps you connect and have greater access to your values and strengths. 

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