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What I Stand For

I work at Google as the Global Head of Manager Coaching and an Executive Coach in The Google School for Leaders. In addition, I have 20+ years of experience leading teams, building strategies, and shaping creative cultures.  I was Head of Sales Development and Chief Storyteller at Google, Director of Marketing at American Express, and an Engineer at Citigroup.  I hold an MBA from Fordham University.  I’m also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach trained by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction from the UMass Medical School Center for Mindfulness

At my center, I am a spiritual person with a deep awe for the mystery and wonder of life.  The core of my coaching model is love: love for ourselves, for another, for the mystery of life, for the adventure of it all.


I believe in the vastness of human potential.  In order to touch our potential, we need to be fully present.  My goal is to help you live wide awake.  To find the dimmer switch in you and turn the lights all the way on.


I believe we are all on a lifelong journey of discovery, learning, and love.  There is a stirring inside us for greater meaning.  My goal is to call forth that longing for more adventure, transformation, sacredness.


I believe in the power of narrative.  We become the story we tell ourselves.  My goal is to help you step into a larger version of yourself and live a bigger narrative.  Change your story, change your life.


I believe in waking up with a purpose.  It gives you clarity, vitality, a zest for life.  My purpose is to make a positive powerful difference in people’s lives by sharing health, happiness, hope.  I’ll help you find yours.


I believe the key to life is not faster, higher, stronger… but deeper, richer, more enduring.  I will help you get clear on the values in front of your thoughts in order to live in harmony with your thoughts, words, actions.

I believe you have the power of choice to live the best version of yourself.  I will help you bring more generosity of spirit, enthusiasm, kindness, resilience, positive energy, bravery, and magic to the room.  

I believe to master the art of living you have to ask yourself the right questions, redefine your metrics of success, carve your own unique path.  My goal is to help you design your life to live more authentically, consciously, deliberately.  I will help you create a framework for how to think, act, be in this world.  


On a personal note, I live in Northern California with my wife and 4 children.  I am an avid traveler, guitar hobbyist, music lover, nature enthusiast, long-distance runner, adventure seeker, and tour guide.  

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