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executive coaching

For corporates, I coach, design, and facilitate leadership development programs on the following topics:

Leading Your Self

  • Well-being: Building resilience and creating a culture of well-being

  • Mindsets: Expanding self-awareness and avoiding mindtraps

  • Authentic Leadership: Leading from the inside out

  • Strengths of Character: Cultivating strengths of heart, mind, body

  • Decision-Making: Thinking in mental models and improving decisions 

  • Habits & Mastery: Developing mastery through deliberate practice 

  • Motivation: Understanding key drivers and levels of motivation

  • Feedback: How to be a better giver and receiver of feedback

  • Productivity: Doing less good work and more great work

  • Powerful Storytelling: Storytelling as the language of leaders

Leading Your Team

  • Managing at Scale: 3 principles of scaling

  • Leading in Complexity: How to thrive in ambiguity 

  • Leading Change: Navigating the Transition Curve 

  • Building a Vision: Developing team vision and purpose

  • Diversity & Inclusion: Fostering equity and inclusion on your team

  • Facilitation: Facilitating better meetings, presentations, gatherings

  • Coaching: Building a coaching habit and empowering your team

  • Performance Management: The 4 core responsibilities of a manager

  • Strategy & Innovation: 10x your thinking

  • Culture: How to design high-performing teams and organizations

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